nofdp IDSS

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IDSS Installation

To install the IDSS just double click the downloaded file nofdpIDSS.exe and follow the installation instructions. Within this procedure, you can also choose your preferred language, English, Dutch or German. After the installation of the IDSS, 95 percentage of its functionality is available. The Sobek installation is only needed for the hydraulic calculation. Please import the river Muemling example to explore all the IDSS functionalities.

Import river Muemling example

To import the river Muemling project example:

1. Download the exmaple project river Mümling.
2. Start the nofdp IDSS
3. Select "Start project work"
4. Use the Import button Import Button in the left pane of the IDSS
5. Select the example project river Muemling .zip file.

SOBEK-River Installation
(1D Hydraulic Model)

nofdp Sobek Installation

You are free to choose the Sobek Installation Directory. But you have to set the Sobek Directory Path in the IDSS preferences (see below: ). You can use the nofdp IDSS with Sobek up to 100 nodes without any license, but you can also order a license which includes 500 nodes for free (see below: "nofdp Sobek license". A step-by-step Sobek installation description you will find here: IDSS Forum.

Set the Sobek Installation Directory within the IDSS

To enable the hydraulik calculation you have to connect the IDSS with Sobek. Therefore please start the IDSS and select "Window" in the upper left corner. Then select "Preferences" and a new window will open. There select "nofdp IDSS" and choose your Sobek Installation Directory.

nofdp Sobek license

You can also use the special nofdp IDSS Sobek License, which allows you to use the nofdp IDSS with Sobek up to 500 nodes. To get this you have to send an e-mail with the MAC address of your computer to with subject "nofdp".

How to get your MAC address:

  1. Go to "Start" -> "Run"
  2. Type: cmd.exe
    Within the new command line window type or copy and paste (using you right mouse button):
    1. ipconfig /all > %temp%\ipconfig.log
    2. notepad %temp%\ipconfig.log
    3. Copy and paste the content of this File to an e-mail
    4. Send this mail to: with subject "nofdp"

If you don't want to provide the information of the whole file, just send the "MAC address" also called "Physikalische Adresse"/"Physical Address".