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Related Software Projects

On this Page you’ll find links to other software projects which are related to Integrated River Basin Management.


BlueM is a software package for river basin management. It allows for the integrated simulation, analysis and optimisation of discharge and pollution loads in rural and urban catchments, including processes in the water body, using physically-based hydrologic approaches. BlueM is the result of continuous development efforts based on model concepts that have been pursued at ihwb for many years and have already been implemented in various applications.

BlueM components:

  • BlueM.Sim (hydrologic computational core – with OpenMI-interface)
  • BlueM.Wave (time series management and analysis tool)
  • BlueM.Opt (optimization based on evolutionary algorithms and sensitivity analysis)
  • BlueM.Analyser (real-time data monitoring and evaluation tool – coupled via OpenMI)

The software package BlueM is freely available after registration. It is also possible to access the source code for research purposes (requires an aggreement with ihwb).

Download BlueM (Please register to the forum)opens in new window


A general modeling system for the purpose of numerical simulation within the context of water management, for instance flood protection schemes and flood risk maps

Elbe DSS

A decision support system for the Elbe River.

Inform DSS

An Information System which answers questions regarding the ecological impacts of measures within flood plains.

Visit Inform DSS Website opens in new window